Bankruptcy or Divorce First? – Flat Fees and Fresh Starts.  Call Indiana Bankruptcy lawyer Jason Wischmeyer at 317-429-0210 or email at Bankruptcy and divorce are not a surprising combination. Financial constraints often take a toll on a marriage and I have seen this scenario quite often. I was given a scenario from a friend… Continue Reading

Personal Injury Litigation – What to Expect

About Personal Injury Attorney Jason Wischmeyer. Indianapolis Indiana Personal Injury Attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, provides legal representation to those injured as a result of the negligence of someone else.  His representation includes those suffering injuries resulting from auto accidents, truck accidents, falls on property, medical malpractice, defamation and wrongful death.  With over 15 years’ experience representing… Continue Reading

Personal Injury Attorney Jason Wischmeyer’s Negotiation Tips for Your Personal Injury Claim  – The 5 Be ’s

Successfully reaching a personal injury claim and settlement Tips. Insurance adjusters, generally, tasked with resolving your claim when one of their insureds (person the insurance company insures) caused your injury, have many years of experience and may speak with 100’s if not 1,000’s of injured persons per year.  This may be the only time, or… Continue Reading

Wischmeyer Law Receives Personal Injury Excellence Award

2016 Small Business Excellence Award for Personal Injury Law! Wischmeyer Law received the 2016 Small Business Excellence Award for Personal Injury Law!  This was a shock and an honor to receive and I want to publicaly give a “thank you” to my all my clients that have helped me receive tis award! Personal Injury is… Continue Reading

What is a REO property?

When considering real estate listings, many people will wonder what a “REO property” is.   REO stands for ‘real estate owned’. It is the term used to describe a home or property that is in the possession of a lender as a result of a foreclosure. That means the foreclosure has already taken place, a sheriff sale has resulted in… Continue Reading

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