Bankruptcy or Divorce First? – Flat Fees and Fresh Starts.  Call Indiana Bankruptcy lawyer Jason Wischmeyer at 317-429-0210 or email at Bankruptcy and divorce are not a surprising combination. Financial constraints often take a toll on a marriage and I have seen this scenario quite often. I was given a scenario from a friend… Continue Reading

Indiana Creditor’s Attorney Representation in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a fact of life in the business credit community. Indiana Bankruptcy lawyer Jason Wischmeyer has a decade of  experience on Representation in Bankruptcy the interests of creditors when receivables become bankruptcy claims, and when paid accounts become the subject of preference litigation. Bankruptcy Lawyers Indianapolis Jason Wischmeyer’s experience as creditor and debtor counsel allows him… Continue Reading

Back to Basics: What Can Bankruptcy Do For You?

Bankruptcy Can: Stop Harassing Collection Calls Stop Foreclosure Save Your Home Stop Repossessions of Vehicles Save Your Car Stop Garnishments Stop Lawsuits Eliminate Debts Like Credit Cards, Medical Bills and Other Money Owed Eliminate Some Taxes Call Jason Wischmeyer at 317-429-0210 to get your financial life back in the black!

Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not failure.  In fact, it is a positive step in your financial future because by eliminating debt and getting a fresh start you are no longer overwhelmed by your credit card bills, medical bills, car payments, collection cases and other financial concerns.  Often, bankruptcy is better than debt settlement. If you… Continue Reading

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

There are a number of questions and concerns that clients must consider when thinking bankruptcy vs. debt settlement.  As the Bankruptcy Lawyers Indianapolis,  Jason Wischmeyer, has addressed these questions many of times and has helped clients with both bankruptcy and debt settlement based on their situation.  Bankruptcy vs. debt settlement depends on your financial situation… Continue Reading

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