Why Choose Jason Wischmeyer for your personal injury case

 There are a lot of personal injury attorneys that are very capable of handling cases and will do a good job.  is an example of such an attorney.  So, what makes Jason different from the others advertising and sending letters every day?  Jason Wischmeyer knows both sides of your case.  For over...

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Why Hire Indiana Bankruptcy Attorney Jason Wischmeyer For Your Bankruptcy

Unlike many bankruptcy law offices, Indiana Bankruptcy Attorney Jason Wischmeyer personally prepares and meets with clients.  Although Jason’s paralegal, Tammy Young, is available to answer questions and address concerns when Jason is not available, Jason is the one that makes sure that your paperwork is prepared and filed. Beyon...

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Indiana Attorney Fees Options for Clients

Indiana Attorney Fees Attorneys can charge clients for legal services in a variety of methods.  At  we work with clients to determine a fair mechanism to assess attorney fees that takes into consideration the scope of the client's work, type of case and the client's situation. Contingency Attorney Fee.  ...

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Importance Of Your Own Business Attorney

I have heard before that there was no need to have a business attorney because "I am going into business with my friend".  The potential partners, whether in a corporation, limited liability company or some form of partnership, believed that everything would be happy forever because, ...

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Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy May09

Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not failure.  In fact, it is a positive step in your financial future because by eliminating debt and getting a fresh start you are no longer overwhelmed by your credit card bills, medical bills, car payments, collection cases and other financial concerns.  Often, .  Here are specific benefits of filing th...

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Value of a Good Attorney

Good attorneys prevent problems. Call your attorney when you "think _____ is going to happen" and get advice to make sure if that happens that you are protected. I cannot tell you how many of my clients have called me after something happens to fix a problem that could have been avoided or minimized. Calling your attorney before it h...

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Hiring a Good Business Attorney

There are two professionals every business will need early on: an accountant and a attorney.  A good business attorney will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business, from basic zoning compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability. Big Firm Servic...

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Jason Wischmeyer – Indiana Debt Collection Attorney Services

When accounts receivable threaten to become bad debt, Jason Wischmeyer’s debt collections practice brings two decades of experience to the task of turning account losses into recoveries for your business.   Jason Wischmeyer provides collection services that are tailored to your requirements:   Enforcement of lien and...

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7th Circuit redefines districts for purposes of FDCPA for Indiana Collection Attorneys

For Indiana collection attorneys and subrogation attorneys, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act is a 100 pound gorilla that permeates everything we do.  There are many nuances for which Indiana collection attorneys and subrogation attorneys counsel clients and must abide by in order to be in compliance.  The 7th Circ...

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