Mortgage After Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Short Sales

Mortgages and home ownership are significant issues for my debt clients that are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy or considering a short sale for their home.  When one of these events happen, there are general rules of thumb of what will happen if you seek a mortgage and when you might be able to qualify for a… Continue Reading

What is my injury claim worth?

Every personal injury client that I meet with is interested and asks what is my injury claim worth.  There are many factors to consider in evaluating an injury claim’s value.  Choosing an attorney with experience and a reputation of a willingness to go to trial is one important consideration but there are many things to… Continue Reading

Experienced Attorney vs. Do It Yourself Legal Forms

I see advertisements on the web, television and even know a client or two that have tried the do it yourself legal forms from companies like Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer. Please do not get me wrong, these sites serve a very valuable service and segment of society. However, while do it yourself legal forms… Continue Reading

Should I File Bankruptcy?

Should I file bankruptcy? is a question that many consider every day just as we have heard about the United States debt issues over the last several months. At the last minute the United States has avoided the fiscal cliff and, sadly, in doing so most people will experience a drop in their net pay… Continue Reading

What if multiple drivers cause a car accident?

Negligence law can be a tricky area when considering whether damages can be obtained from multiple drivers in a car accident.  An Indiana car accident attorney can provide an educated guess of what an insurance company might claim or a jury might decide on determining fault.  Some accidents it is clear who caused the accident,… Continue Reading

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