Lawsuit Against The State of Indiana

On occasion, Wischmeyer Law Office will receive an inquiry about a lawsuit against the State of Indiana for negligence.  All too often, I am unable to assist the potential client because of limits that exist in the State of Indiana for negligence lawsuits.  Still, if I am called early enough in the process there is a chance of rec...

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What if multiple drivers cause a car accident?

Negligence law can be a tricky area when considering whether damages can be obtained from multiple drivers in a car accident.  An attorney can provide an educated guess of what an insurance company might claim or a jury might decide on determining fault.  Some accidents it is clear who caused the accident, but what about when there...

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Hurt in an automobile accident – What to expect.

No Fee Until We Recover Money for Your When you are hurt in a car or truck accident, the injuries are only part of what you have to deal with. If that accident was not your fault, you have to worry about what will happen with the damages to your vehicle. You will have to wonder how ...

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What is my injury claim worth?

Every personal injury client that I meet with is interested and asks what is my injury claim worth.  There are many factors to consider in evaluating an injury claim’s value.  Choosing an attorney with experience and a reputation of a willingness to go to trial is one important consideration but there are many things to consider....

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Why Choose Jason Wischmeyer for your personal injury case

 There are a lot of personal injury attorneys that are very capable of handling cases and will do a good job.  is an example of such an attorney.  So, what makes Jason different from the others advertising and sending letters every day?  Jason Wischmeyer knows both sides of your case.  For over...

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A snippet on settlement proceeds on personal injury and bankruptcy

Getting injured in a car accident is an everyday story that you may get to hear in the US. Most of the people incur overwhelming debt while managing high medical bills. If you have met with an accident recently, then you’re not required to worry as the negligent party may be ultimately be liable to pay for the bills incurred by you...

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Helping Your Indiana Personal Injury Attorney Make the Most of Your Case

After an auto or truck accident, there are some common thing that you can do to help Indiana personal injury attorney handle your Indiana personal injury case and maximum the value of your case.  Here are some things to consider: 1.  Do not talk to anyone other than your family members and your attorney about your claim.  Insur...

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Underinsured Motorist – What if the person that caused my accident does not have enough insurance money. Dec30

Underinsured Motorist – What if the person that caused my accident does not have enough insurance money.

Underinsured motorist insurance coverage can be a little confusing.  In today’s world of insurance, many people are opting for low or state minimum insurance coverage and when they cause a car accident the person hurt may find that this is not enough insurance to cover their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other ...

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Wischmeyer Law Receives Personal Injury Excellence Award Jan15

Wischmeyer Law Receives Personal Injury Excellence Award

2016 Small Business Excellence Award for Personal Injury Law! Wischmeyer Law received the 2016 Small Business Excellence Award for Personal Injury Law!  This was a shock and an honor to receive and I want to publically give a "thank you" to my all my clients that have helped me receive tis award! Personal Injury is a ...

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