Why Choose Jason Wischmeyer for your personal injury case

 There are a lot of Personal Injury Attorneys Indianapolis Indiana that are very capable of handling cases and will do a good job.  Jason Wischmeyer is an example of such an attorney.  So, what makes Jason different from the others advertising and sending letters every day?

Jason Wischmeyer knows both sides of your case.  For over a decade, Jason represented two of the biggest insurance companies in Indiana .  He knows the claims adjusters and he knows what the claims adjusters look at in reviewing your personal injury case.  He packages a demand for your case in a way that makes the insurance company claim’s adjuster want to settle your case prior to any litigation.  Jason utilizes his experience to evaluate and give you an honest assessment of what your personal injury claim is worth.

In addition, Indiana personal injury lawyer Jason Wischmeyer has been through what you are going through.  In 2003, Jason was in a major auto accident with a semi truck.  In 2000, Jason was in a minor accident where another car ran a red light.  He has experienced the injuries, pain, suffering, lost wages and aggravation of both minor and major auto accident and personal injury claims.  He sympathizes with what you are going through and uses that experience to settle your personal injury claim.

Jason also recognizes that your claim is your claim.  Unlike most attorneys that start out with a contingency fee of 1/3 to 40% of your case value, Jason’s contingency fees start with a fee of 25% and the cost only goes up if a lawsuit is necessary – which is often avoidable.  There are no upfront fees or expenses that Jason expects you to pay and his goal is to settle your claim quickly, without a lawsuit, so that you get to keep more of your settlement funds.  More money for you and you still get a quality Indiana personal injury lawyer that knows how to handle personal injury cases.

Finally, there are some cases that are complicated.  Your personal injury case could be one where the insurance company is unreasonable or cannot see the case for the value that it has.  Such a case may have to go to a lawsuit and a trial.  Jason is a trial attorney having gone to trial for his clients in numerous cases where the case could not be resolved.  Insurance companies paid Jason to defend their interests because of his skill as a trial attorney.  Shouldn’t you, a personal injury victim, have the same quality attorney as the insurance company?  Jason has turned his skills against the insurance companies and when a settlement cannot be reached, Jason will go to trial and ask a jury to award you the personal injury compensation that you are entitled to receive.

There are lots of personal injury attorneys out there, but there is only one Jason Wischmeyer.  With the skills, experience and the fee structure to maximize the amount of money that you receive why would you contact any other Indiana personal injury lawyer.  Contact Indiana personal injury lawyer Jason Wischmeyer and allow him to get you the money you deserve for your personal injury case!

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