Indiana Commercial Collection Litigation Attorney

Indiana Business Attorney Jason Wischmeyer provides cost-effective collection litigation, always looking for the answer that moves money from the debtor’s pocket to yours.  In commercial cases, each litigation step serves two goals – to prove the case, and to give the debtor another chance to decide that settlement is preferable to paying attorney’s fees to continue the defense.

Whether the matter is handled on an hourly fee, contingency fee or other fee, Indianapolis business lawyer Jason Wischmeyer as a commercial litigators focuses on results, tailoring the litigation process to those steps best suited to the prove case and effect collection.

  • Discovery practice tailored to the narrowest issues 
  • Motion practice intent on getting judgment entered 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution o Mediation o Arbitration

Sometimes pursuing a simple commercial dispute reveals that the defendant is acting to hinder or delay your company’s ability to reach the assets to pay the claim. Indianapolis business lawyer Jason Wischmyer has substantial experience with “bad actor” debtors and knows the tools to use to reach the hidden assets.

  • Pre-judgment attachment (where available) 
  • Piercing the Corporate Veil 
  • Pursuit of Fraudulent Conveyanaces

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