After an auto or truck accident, there are some common thing that you can do to help Indiana personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer handle your Indiana personal injury case and maximum the value of your case.  Here are some things to consider:

1.  Do not talk to anyone other than your family members and your attorney about your claim.  Insurance companies will ask to take your statement and want to gather information that they can later use to devalue your case.  If you have spoken with an investigator or insurance claim representative about your personal injury claim make sure you tell your attorney so that he can obtain a copy of what you said.

2.  Listen to your doctor.  Go to your follow up appointments, take the medications your are prescribed and do the therapy or home exercise that you are given to do.  If your doctor suggests that you see a different doctor or a specialist, make the appointment and go to the appointment.  Showing the insurance company or, during a trial, a jury that you have followed your doctor’s directions and did what you could to help yourself helps to establish that you are not exaggerating your injuries and that you are serious about reaching maximum medical improvement with your injuries.

3.  Keep good records.  During the course of your case, you are going to be asked many times about your treatment, injuries, changes in your pain levels and the money that you spent or lost.  Keep copies of any documents related to your auto accident to give to your attorney.  Keep a journal of your doctor visits and keep notes of how different treatments helped or failed to help your pain.  Keep track of your injuries and what things make you hurt worse or seem to help.  Finally, keep track of the time you miss from work and whether you were paid for those days through vacation or sick days or if you were unpaid for your injuries.

4.  Keep track of your witnesses.  Keep a log of any person that you know that has information about your accident, your medical treatment or your injuries.  Names, addresses and what they know are helpful to your attorney in preparing your case for maximum value and, if necessary to get maximum value, a trial.

5.  Preserve your evidence.  Make sure you save any evidence that could be used a trial.  If you were required to use a wheel chair, walker or cane, save it to show a jury as that will help the jury understand what you experienced.  Keep pictures of your vehicle, scars, bruising, cuts or scrapes, and other injuries that may no longer be visible after treatment and time.  If you can, keep pictures showing the different stages and keep track of when the pictures were taken with a time stamp or print them out and write the date on the back of the picture.  If you have something that you are unsure whether it will be helpful to reaching maximum value of your case, then keep it and ask your attorney as sometime even small things can have a significant impact on a jury’s decision in awarding you damages.

6.  Pay your bills or turn them in to your insurance.  If you have health insurance, go ahead and turn the bill in to your insurance.  They will be entitled to be reimbursed but may agree to accept less than the amount that they pay out depending on your recovery and the type of insurance you have.  If you do not have insurance, pay your bills as best as you can and those bills that you do not pay, inform your attorney so that your attorney can try to make arrangements with the provider to avoid those bills going to collection.

7.  Keep in touch with your attorney.  Everyone gets busy.  Even if there is nothing going on in your case, you should check in with your attorney every month or two.  It is important that you keep your email, phone and address information up to date so that you do not lose touch with your attorney.  Ask questions if you have some and let your attorney know how your treatment is going and any major events in your treatment such as a surgery, change in treatment or if a doctor informs you that you are as healed as you are going to get (referred to as maximum medical improvement)

8.  Call Indiana personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer at 317-429-0210 or email Jason at as soon as you can after your accident so that he can get started on your case and help you through the process of getting maximum value for your case.