Indiana Attorney Jason Wischmeyer is an veteran Indiana attorney recognized as a Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals. With a decade of experience, Jason is experienced in solving problems like yours! A litigator with loads of experience in all the things lawyers do, Jason learns your situation, plans and discusses your solution with you and gets your situation solved!

Jason SERVES both individuals and businesses with their legal needs. Businesses seek Jason’s assistance with general corporate advising, debt collections, contract negotiation and litigation matters. Individuals use Jason’s skills in personal injury, bankruptcy, debt settlement and civil litigation. Jason’s clients turn to him for his knowledge and skilled advocacy to get the job done!

Formerly an Indiana attorney with a large Shelbyville, Indiana law firm, Jason left when he realized that his clients needed more versatility from their attorney. Always aware his income is his client’s money and comes from their choice to hire and pay, Jason offers hourly billing, but he offers flexible billing options so you will have an idea of what your case is going to cost with contingency fee agreements, flat fee agreements, mixed fee agreements and monthly flat rate (he will even commit to the maximum number of months you have to pay) options.

An avid Indiana Hoosiers basketball fan, Indianapolis Colts fan, Star Wars fan & client advocate, Jason’s passion is impressive. He expects to win, expects his teams to win and still does not accept that Greedo shot first when it is clear that Han Solo, like Jason, knew what he had to do.

Jason is respected Indiana attorney in the legal community having been endorsed by his clients and members of the attorney bar for representation in personal injury, civil litigation, bankruptcy and preparation of wills. See Jason’s linked in profile for endorsements and recommendations.

If you have a legal or financial problem, or have to pick one person to help you get off a deserted island, call Indiana Attorney, Jason Woschmeyer (317-429-0210) to have him solve your problem! Welcome yourself to a different type of lawyer & law firm.

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Jason’s Indiana attorney practice: Representing a diverse set of clients including business formations/structures, business litigation, business advising, bankruptcy, personal injury, medical malpractice, construction injuries, construction contracts, real estate, government services, political advising/election law, trust advising, wills and business succession planning

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