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Jason Wischmeyer is a client oriented Indiana business attorney providing cost-effective legal solutions for business and individual clients. Small businesses and large corporations hire Jason to pro-actively evaluate and advise them on legal matters ranging from contract preparation, human resources, debt collections and general business management consultation,  Indiana business attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, works collaboratively with his clients for mutual success and growth. A variety of Indiana business attorney fee structures are available allowing clients to manage their/its fee costs effectively given their/its legal representation needs.

National and local attorneys refer their clients to Indiana business attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, or seek to work with Jason as co-counsel for representation throughout Indiana knowing their client’s legal matter will be handled cost-effectively and the client will obtain results.

The legal world knows to turn to Wischmeyer Law Office for their legal solutions. Now you know too!

Business Attorney Solution Examples:

  1. Creation and Set Up: 

    Every company is different and established for different reasons. Whether your company aspires to become a Fortune 500 company or you are simply transferring ownership to family but want to maintain control over what you built for at least some time, Indiana business Attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, can set your company up and prepare the appropriate organizational structure and documents to make sure you are primed to take your business where you want it to go. You are creating a company for a reason, let our office make your reason a reality!

  2. Litigation: 

    Companies are targets. Targets for people that do not want to pay for the services companies provide and targets for lawsuits, legitimate and frivolous, for people who believe your company has wronged them. Jason is an established and experienced litigator. Many attorneys will start your lawsuit, make sure you hire an attorney that can finish your case if a courtroom is the only way to obtain your company’s conclusion. From collecting on your company’s past due bills to defending lawsuits, Indiana business attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, will represent your company to seek cost-effective resolutions whether by settlement or trial.

  3. Contracts: 

    Fifty years ago, a handshake was all that was required for people to do what they agreed to do. Nowadays, a written contract solidifies relationships and requirements that a firm handshake did then. From agreements between company owners, companies and employees, companies and vendors and companies and supplies, allow Mr. Wischmeyer to review and prepare your agreements to make sure they enforceable and defendable. You put thought into your company and its growth. Put thought into your company’s relationships now so that a relationship gone wrong is defendable. A cost of $500 today to save $5,000 in future litigation costs makes business sense. Seek Jason’s assistance to help create legal and enforceable agreements with those involved in your business.

  4. Human Resources: 

    Employer and Employee relationships may be governed by Employment Agreements, State Law, Federal Law, Unemployment Law, Partnership Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Member Agreements – you get the idea. Jason can provide advice and assistance that large corporations maintain whole departments to keep up with. Knowledge of your business, your circumstances and your employees becomes a paramount consideration to effectively managing your most important resources – those in your company. Whether you have one employee that you manage or have a department that needs to have any attorney accessible to them to discuss employment matters, Jason is ready to assist your company. Retainer and hourly agreements available depending on the level of assistance your company needs. Let Jason Wischmeyer help you with these complicated and intermingled legal issues whether your hiring, firing or transitioning an employee for the betterment of your company.

  5. Business Analysis: 

    You are busy in your business. Sometimes the day to day operations limit your ability to make sure your organization is organized. Your company is organized for a number of reasons including limiting personal liability and tax structuring. Jason can help look at your organization from the top down to make sure your business is operating legally efficiently and maintaining policies and procedures to insure your business structure is successful..

  6. Buy-Sell/Partner Buyout: 

    Sometimes business, especially small businesses, have a life cycle and one owner needs to transfer his or her interest. Sometimes death or divorce or other significant life changes result in a change in corporate structure. Make sure those changes happen the way you plan and that you do not end up with a partner you do not want or a requirement that a business interest has to be transferred or sold because of an owner’s death. Agreements in place while things are amicable and working can prevent discord when or if things change. Let Jason prepare the documents necessary to make sure ownership of YOUR company remains in the hands of who the owners desire.

  7. Business Closing and Windup:

    I have had a number of clients and referrals from other attorneys that have found that their company, whether it be a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Professional Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), is no longer viable.  Some clients have decided that it is better to work for another company.   Others have decided to retire and move on with their lives without the stress of running a company.  All of them want to close a company to minimize financial liabilities and maximize any funds that can be paid out to the owners.  Whether the company is going to have significant equity or could possibly be upside down owing more to creditors than what the company is worth they need legal advice to make sure that the company is closed properly.

  8. Indiana Business Attorney Collections: 

    Unfortunately, the economy has increased collections and some customers and clients for Indiana businesses are reluctant to pay for the obligation they have agreed to pay for.  Collections continue to increase and sometimes a simple letter will get the client/customer’s attention and sometimes a lawsuit is necessary.  Indiana business attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, has been fortunate in his collection efforts on behalf of clients having over a 70% collection rate over the last couple of years.  This is attained by working with clients/customers of your business to agree and stick to a payment schedule that not only creates an incentive to pay, but also insures that with continued failure to live up to their obligations your business also can collect attorney fees and interest.

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