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Indiana Collections Attorney Gets Your Unpaid Invoice Paid!

Indiana businesses and individuals turn to Indiana Collections Attorney Jason Wischmeyer to get their unpaid invoices, bills, and judgments paid. Indiana business attorney  Jason Wischmeyer begins with an approach similar to internal efforts except people tend to respond to letters from attorneys more so than unpaid invoices and collection agency letters. Internal attempts to get your invoice paid may have failed to resolve a debt issue, and that is the time to call in a professional.

Attorney Jason Wischmeyer is uniquely able to offer the services of a collection agency and attorney under a law firm heading. In addition, Indiana collections attorneys such as Jason are familiar with the bankruptcy process and can tell when a debtor says they are filing is a true or false statement. His approach may prevent a bankruptcy in working with the debtor for you to get as much money paid before a bankruptcy or debt settlement company is hired by the debtor.

Some businesses and individuals try to use a collection agency instead of an Indiana collection attorney because of costs and the negative image of using legal action. However, Jason remedies this issue with a split fee arrangement for collections without necessary legal action and collections with legal action. You get both a collection agency and an Indiana collection attorney in one place and your unpaid bills get paid and you or your company gets the threat of legal action and collection services without debtor ignoring one process over the other because of the law firm letterhead that collection letters arrive with in their mail box.

Indiana business attorney Jason Wischmeyer offers volume discounts for businesses and individuals seeking an Indiana collections attorney. He is willing to handle collection accounts on a contingency fee or, sometimes, clients prefer to pay a flat fee per month for the handling of their collection accounts. This allows clients to obtain the most appealing cost model for their collections and maintains the motivation of all involved to collect as much of these accounts as is possible within the shortest amount of time.

If your portfolio of bad debt consists mainly of extremely delinquent accounts with high balances, and you have already exhausted other means, using a collection attorney may be your best course of action. With Indiana collections attorney Jason Wischmeyer, you get both a collection agency and collection attorney process that can increase your bottom line on these bad debts.

Turn your bad debt into real cash with Indiana Collections Attorney Jason Wischmeyer. Call Jason at (317) 429-0210 or send him an email at Today to get your accounts collected and your invoices paid!

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