Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney

Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney


Indiana Car Accident Attorney Jason Wischmeyer understands what happens when a person in injured in an Indiana car accident. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Jason has represented injured persons for over fifteen years and held their hands throughout the litigation process after Indiana car accidents. If you are hit by an uninsured motorist, Indiana uninsured motorist attorney Jason Wischmeyer can assist you in getting compensation for your personal injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills or wrongful death.

Indiana car accidents result in many different types of injuries. From soft tissue back and leg injuries to death, Indiana Car Accident Attorney Jason Wischmeyer  has represented someone in your position and knows the types of evidence and documentation that the insurance companies will be looking to receive to get your case settled.  Injuries that Jason can assist you in seeking a financial settlement include:  spinal cord injury, brain injury, orthopedic injuries, or ankle, knee and leg injuries (all of which are common in car accidents).

Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney Jason Wischmeyer  knows you are worried after an Indiana car accident.  How are medical bills going to get paid. What about the lost wages that you are experiencing.  What is the value of your injury? All questions that Jason can assist in answering with a few details about your situation.

Important TIPS To Remember

Your injuries may be more severe than you might expect after an Indiana car accident.  After a few days, there more be more pain than what you have in the first couple of days after an accident.

The insurance claims adjuster is not your friend.  He or She is responsible for saving the insurance company as much money as is possible on your Indiana car accident claim.  The insurance claims adjuster will pay as little on your claim as they can convince you to accept.

An attorney experienced in evaluating your case can prepare the appropriate documentation of your case and maximize your settlement with the insurance company.

You may be able to negotiate and lessen the amount of your medical bills and insurance liens that helps increase the amount of money your receive after an Indiana car accident.

There is never a fee until you recover money from your Indianapolis car accident injuries and at Wischmeyer Law Office this fee is based on the time it takes to resolve your case and always starts at 25% of the amount of money you recover.

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