Indiana Wrongful Death

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Your family has just experienced the worst tragedy that any family has to go through.  Because of the negligence of another person, you have lost a loved one.  This tragedy could not have been averted or avoided by your loved one.  Your loved one is lost and now you have a claim for wrongful death.

Indiana wrongful death lawyer, Jason Wischmeyer, cannot understand what you are going through.  He cannot feel your pain.  He cannot put himself in your shoes.  All he can do is empathize with you.  Cry with you.  Feel for you.  Make sure you know your legal rights that begin immediately.

Indiana Wrongful Death Lawyer

Indiana limits the time that a claim for wrongful death can be filed.  Indiana wrongful death lawyer Jason Wischmeyer knows that this is not the time that you are thinking about wrongful death litigation.  Unfortunately, the sooner a wrongful death attorney is hired the better chance you will have to investigate the facts and present your case to the person’s insurance that caused the accident.  The Insurance company will be investigating to diminish your case’s value.  Wrongful death attorney Jason Wischmeyer evens the playing field by doing what is necessary to preserve the evidence and protect your case.

In order to get the case started, a personal representative or administrator must be appointed by a Court.  The sooner this happens the sooner action can be taken to preserve evidence and make your claims. Obtaining the appointment can minimize confusion over who has authority and who should benefit .  Wrongful death attorney Jason Wischmeyer will get the appointment secured by the Court so that everyone can work together, rather than battle among themselves, toward maximizing the value of your case.

Wrongful death actions in Indiana are limited by statute.  Three statutes apply to wrongful death in Indiana:

  1. the general wrongful death statute;
  2. the adult wrongful death statute; and
  3. the child wrongful death statute.

Where one applies the others do not so it is important to contact attorney Jason Wischmeyer to make certain that the right statute is applied,  The applicable statute is what determines what damages are recoverable and when there are limits on the amounts of damages that can be recovered.

Types of Claims for Wrongful Death

Indiana statutes do not limit the claims from which wrongful death damages apply.  Other Indiana statutes, such as the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act, may also apply and place additional requirements and/or limitations on when and how much may be recovered as a result of wrongful death actions.  Besides medical malpractice, wrongful death claims arise from the negligence of others including, but certainly not limited to, auto accidents, truck accidents, semi accidents, slip and falls, uninsured motorists, underinsured motorists, nursing home negligence, hospital negligence, doctor negligence and business negligence.

Damages for Wrongful Death

Damages from wrongful death may include loss of a deceased person’s lifetime earnings, funeral expenses, final medical bills, loss of love, loss of companionship, loss of parenting, loss of care, loss of child rearing and similar losses.  An experienced wrongful death attorney like Jason Wischmeyer will know how to present your losses to maximize your claims while making sure that your deceased loved one is treated fairly and with respect in the process.  Money damages is the only mechanism available to compensate you for the damages and what you have lost, but wrongful death attorney Jason Wischmeyer will make sure that the person that died is remembered and everyone treats your deceased loved one respectfully!

Contact an Indiana wrongful death attorney that cares – Attorney Jason Wischmeyer

Contact Indiana wrongful death lawyer Jason Wischmeyer to provide you with compassion, care, understanding and quality legal representation.  He can get started investigating your case today and there is no fee until he recovers money for you!  The insurance company has already retained an attorney and are already conducting their investigation so its time to put your team together starting with a call to Indiana wrongful death lawyer at (317) 429-0210 or email

Important Wrongful Death TIPS To Remember:

The insurance claims adjuster is not your friend.  He or She is responsible for saving the insurance company as much money as is possible on your claim.  The insurance claims adjuster will pay as little on your claim as they can convince you to accept.

An attorney experienced in evaluating your case can prepare the appropriate documentation of your case and maximize your settlement with the insurance company.

You may be able to negotiate and lessen the amount of your medical bills and insurance liens that helps increase the amount of money your receive.

There is never a fee until you recover money from your injuries at Wischmeyer Law Office this fee is based on the time it takes to resolve your case and always starts at 25% of the amount of money you recover.

NO fee until recovery is made for your damages!

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