An experienced real estate attorney can be the difference between having the home or property that you want or getting rid of the one you do not want.  Representing buyers and sellers, Real Estate Attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, provides the experience on both sides of a real estate transaction or in real estate litigation to get the job done and get his client the solution his client deserves.  Tammy Young, Jason’s paralegal and business development specialist, is a real estate agent that adds an outstanding perspective benefiting clients with real estate issues, purchases, sales and when litigation arise.

Purchasing Real Estate:  Purchasing real estate can be one of the most stressful events of a person’s life.   First and for most, a purchaser has to select the house that fits them.  Negotiating a fair purchase price is the next step in what typically seems like a forever process.  The purchase agreement must include the contingencies that allow a Purchaser to back of the deal without losing money if the deal does not go through as expected or cannot be renegotiated.  Next, the Purchaser must solidify their mortgage or agree to a Land Contract (lease to buy purchase from the Seller).  Finally, the transaction will go to a Closing where title insurance will be issued, the mortgage or contract will be executed, money changes hands and documents are recorded to memorialize what is happening.  Wischmeyer Law Office provides both an attorney and an on-staff real estate agent to help purchasers with the process.

Selling Real Estate:  Sellers have similar needs to the Purchaser.  A Seller wants to make sure that the closing occurs so that the property exchanges hands.  If the Seller is going to finance the purchase through a Land Contract, the Seller needs to know that the terms protect the Seller in case of non-payment or an inappropriate use or damages to the property.  Sellers need to make sure that the Purchase Agreement avoids the loopholes that the Purchaser is seeking to avoid excessive costs of repairs resulting from a home inspection.  Again, Wischmeyer Law Office can assist Sellers with the transaction to insure the Seller’s interest is protected by both an attorney and an on-staff real estate agent.

Lease Agreements:  Leases carry the same basic issues as purchasing a home.  Negotiating the terms of the lease to reflect the agreement of the parties and protects the landlord’s property is essential to leasing property.  If a tenant fails to abide by the terms of the lease, the lease must be strong enough to require eviction.  Making sure that a tenant does not have a lot of time that could result in damages to the property and cost the landlord money.  Wischmeyer Law Office assists Landlords with evictions, setting a damages judgment and collecting the judgment amount.  If the lease is established right, then attorney fees incurred can be added to the judgment and collected from the tenant if the tenant does fail to abide about the terms of the lease.

Homeowner’s Associations:  We can also assist homeowner associations with their needs to 1) operate as required by law and 2) collect past due homeowner’s association’s dues.  Wischmeyer Law Office also can establish Home Owner’s Associations for neighborhoods that need something to help control the residents and what is happening in the neighborhood.

Real Estate Litigation:  When litigation arises, Real Estate Attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, understands the real estate laws and how to present the evidence to give his client the edge toward obtaining a verdict.  From quite title actions to environmental lawsuits to insurance claims, Jason Wischmeyer has successfully obtained settlements and verdicts in favor of and in defense of his clients as the situation arises.

Foreclosure:  Mortgage companies and banks seek the assistance of Real Estate Attorney, Jason Wischmeyer to assist them in foreclosing on properties where homeowners stop paying their mortgage.  Jason Wischmeyer can work with the homeowner toward a work out agreement or complete a foreclosure including assisting the mortgage company in a sheriff sale to bid the appropriate amount for the house based on a Broker Purchase Opinion.  When there is a deficiency, Jason Wischmeyer aggressively seeks to collect the money owed to the mortgage company by its former mortgagee.

Evictions:  There comes a time in every Landlord’s life where a tenant is found to have torn up property or failed to pay rent.  When that time comes, an eviction should be filed to remove the tenant from the property before things get worse.  Real Estate Attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, will file your eviction and get a judgment allowing you to retake possession of the property and collect the money that is owed to you.


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    I couldn't agree more when you said that hiring a real estate lawyer can save you money especially when it comes to such things as reviewing contracts. Buying or selling a property could involve a lot of documents that both the seller and buyer need to sign. Hiring a real estate lawyer would benefit both parties as they can trust the attorney to provide expert legal advice. This way, they wouldn't have to worry about any legal complications in the future. If I were to buy or sell a property, I would definitely consider hiring a real estate lawyer. Thanks.

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