Comparative Fault Laws in an Indiana Car Accident

In a car accident claim, comparative fault means you can be held partially responsible for your own injuries if your negligence or lack of care contributed to them. For instance, if a car hits you after pulling out in front of it without signaling, you are partly to blame. Under the state of Indiana’s comparative… Continue Reading

Work Zone Car Accidents: Who is Liable?

Liability in work zone car accidents works just like any other accident. The party who caused the accident is responsible for reimbursing the other parties. Wischmeyer Law explains how this process is different in work zone accidents.  What types of accidents can happen in a work zone?  There are three main types of work zone… Continue Reading

Sharing The Road With Semi-Trucks In Indiana

Why Semi-Trucks are Dangerous  Why hire a truck injury lawyer in Indianapolis when in an accident with a semi-truck? With the high speeds and large sizes of the semi trucks, there is an increase of drivers on the road end up being seriously injured or killed in a semi-truck accident.  Semi-trucks can also carry cargo…. Continue Reading

Definition of Pain and Suffering in Indianapolis

Definition of Pain and Suffering in Indianapolis Injury victims often have standing for liability claims following accidents of any type. They can recover financial compensation for lost property and medical bills they have received for medical treatment of the associated injuries, as well as recovery for lost wages when they apply. These items are often… Continue Reading

Social Media Don’ts After A Car Accident

An Indiana car accident lawyer will recommend that you take photos of the accident scene. It is also a good idea to get witness accounts. However, there are some things that you should and should not do with social media after an accident. Be Careful About What You Post The Indianapolis car accident attorneys at… Continue Reading

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