What is my injury claim worth?

Every personal injury client that I meet with is interested and asks what is my injury claim worth.  There are many factors to consider in evaluating an injury claim’s value.  Choosing an attorney with experience and a reputation of a willingness to go to trial is one important consideration but there are many things to consider.  You will find, Indiana personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer focuses on all these factors in an effort to give you a good case value range that a client can anticipate when asking what is my injury claim worth.

In evaluating a client’s case, Wischmeyer Law office gets to know our clients so that we can be honest about a case’s value.  Some lawyers will ask what your medical bills are and then quote you a high value in order to convince you to sign a fee agreement.  Then, later on, you will be disappointed when the case value is actually far lower than what you were told.

In order to evaluate a case, we look at you as a person, the type of witness you will make and how much involvement you want to have in your own case.  Some people do not want to go to Court.  Some people do not want to go through a deposition where another attorney asks you questions.  These sorts of factors affect an attorney’s evaluation of a case but many attorney’s will not tell you this upfront hoping that he/she can hide this fact.

We also look at your injuries objectively.  What injuries you have compared to what your medical records say are an important factor in considering an initial demand and ultimate resolution to your case.  The medical expenses that you have incurred versus the billed expenses also play a part in considering the value of your case.

Missed time from work, whether you have taken paid vacation time or unpaid time off also affects the value of your case.  Missing time from work that can be documented showing that you were not paid for that time increases the value of your case.  Using paid time off is still time off from work because of an injury that you could have used some other time and can increase the value of your claim.

The trickiest part of valuing an injury claim is determining what you are entitled to for pain and suffering.  A jury has discretion in making this decision and a lawyer that can justify this value can help a jury in determining this value.  This is where clients receive money for their time, energy, pain, suffering, inconvenience and other intangible damages that give clients money in their pocket.

Finally, in evaluating a client’s case, the attorney fee should be considered.  What does the attorney charge.  Many Indiana personal injury lawyers charge at least one-third (1/3) of the gross recovery no matter how long it takes to get a case resolved.  The higher the contingency fee, the lower the amount  of money that the client receives.  Some Indiana personal injury lawyers even charge expenses for basic copies, paralegal time, stamps, phone calls and other expenses that Wischmeyer Law Office believes are costs of doing business and representing a client.  Wischmeyer Law Office does not get paid until you recover money and if that happens before a lawsuit is filed we only charge twenty-five (25%) of the gross settlement amount so you get to keep more of the money that you receive.

Jason Wischmeyer has represented numerous clients in personal injury matters and reached settlements and tried cases successfully to a jury for his clients.  Jason previously represented insurance companies and knows the factors these companies consider and how to present your case to an insurance claim’s adjuster for a positive valuation.  What is my injury claim worth is a valuable question for a client to consider, but other factors enhance or lessen the answer to that question and must be considered before choosing an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer.

Most importantly, Jason will be honest with you and make a demand designed to resolve your case not prolong your case.  He is not interested in filing a lawsuit to obtain an increased fee.  His interest is in providing you fair, honest and powerful representation designed to resolve your case so that you can move on with your life.

There is never a fee until you recover money from your claim and Jason’s fee is often less that the average personal injury attorney’s fee.  Call Indiana personal injury attorney Wischmeyer Law Office to discuss your personal injury case and the value of your case.  We can be reached at 317-429-0210 or email at

We look forward to working with you and getting your case settled soon.

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