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Successfully reaching a personal injury settlement Tips.

Insurance adjusters, generally, tasked with resolving your claim when one of their insureds (person the insurance company insures) caused your injury, have many years of experience and may speak with 100’s if not 1,000’s of injured persons per year.  This may be the only time, or hopefully the only time, that you have to engage in these sorts of discussions.  It is possible to settle a personal injury claim without an attorney, but you must employ the same techniques of an attorney to maximize your settlement.  Consider whether hiring an attorney is in your best interest, but if you want to try to settle your claim first, consider these present observations, opinions, and strategies used by successful personal injury attorneys, someone like personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer and employ these tips:

Tip #1:  Be careful.

From the initial phone call with an insurance company claims adjuster notes and recordings are being made often used to diminish your claim later in the negotiation phase.  A claim’s adjuster asking “How are you feeling” may seem like a kind, thoughtful and natural question; yet, later, when discussing the several weeks, months or even years of treatment, pain, suffering, inconvenience, lost time and wages from work and distress you have felt your response to this question “I am doing okay” or “doing fine” may be used against you.  From first contact, you must be mindful of every statement, every word, every answer you give to maximize your claim.  Personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer knows how to assist answering these sorts of questions to give an accurate portrayal of your current situation without the false feeling that such statements might portray if your case must go to a courtroom for resolution.  Think ahead as to how you will answer these sorts of common questions with everyone whom might ask after an accident.

Tip #2:  Be prepared.

As part of the insurance claim process, the insurance adjuster is likely going to ask you to sign a Medical Authorization so that the adjuster can obtain your medical records and bills.  Yes, you will have to provide this information, but if you do not have these medical records and bills yourself how will you know what they say.  It may be surprising what a doctor has included in your medical records and you must know what these records say to overcome any negative information that may be included.  Personal injury attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, obtains your medical records before the adjuster so that when the records are sent to the adjuster such issues can be discussed with a client and addressed before the insurance adjuster identifies seemingly negative information to use against you.

Personal injury medical records
Know what the doctor said in your personal injury medical records.

Tip #3:  Be knowledgeable.

Knowing what your medical records say after an accident is important as shown in Tip #2. The same is true for what your medical records and history before an accident say about you.  Did you injure your back several years ago and see a doctor or chiropractor for a short time period to assist in your healing?  A temporary injury not related to your accident personal injuries in the same location very well may be portrayed as suggesting pre-existing injury or a claim that this personal injury accident only aggravated and did not create your injury.  Personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer knows that pre-existing injuries and aggravation injuries have less overall value than a new injury and you must know how to address these injuries to limit an insurance adjuster’s attempts to use this against you.

Tip #4:  Be willing to persevere.

A personal injury from an accident may take several months, years or may never resolve back to how you felt before your accident. The insurance adjuster may want to claim you have reached “maximum medical improvement” or “cut-off treatment” when the adjuster thinks you were or should have been feeling better.  Personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer knows that treatment takes time and sometimes an injury is permanent and can review the records, ask the right questions of you and speak with your doctor’s to determine where you are in your treatment of your injuries.  The insurance company is better off settling your personal injury claim quickly before you have a chance to consult with a successful personal injury attorney like Jason Wischmeyer to minimize the amount of money you receive.

Tip $5:  Be patient.

The insurance company adjuster wants to settle your personal injury case quickly. Even when you are told the adjuster wants you to have the time to “get better” there is still an undertone expecting you to do it quickly.  You have 2 years to file a lawsuit form the date of your personal injury accident.  Personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer suggest you take your time and be willing to file a lawsuit to insure you receive maximum compensation for the personal injuries you have suffered.  Do not let quick money leave you wishing, sometimes for a lifetime, that you had been more patient forcing the insurance company adjuster to pay you fair value for you injuries without a discount for a quick payment.

These 5 Be’s can go a long way to maximizing your personal injury claim.  Personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer uses these with his clients repeatedly to successfully plan for a client’s settlement.  Now you have a little more knowledge toward trying to settle your personal injury accident injuries too.  If you need help, give personal injury attorney Jason Wischmeyer a call at 317-429-0210 or email him at and he can guide you and assist you in employing each of these tips to make sure you get full value in your personal injury accident settlement.

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