Wischmeyer Law appreciates the recommendations and referrals received on an almost daily basis from clients, attorneys, colleagues, friends and family.  Assisting clients and doing a good job provides Jason a lot of satisfaction, but receiving the appreciation of referrals go beyond and can be one of the greatest feelings in the world.  To that end, Wischmeyer Law has worked with each of the following and cannot recommend any of these persons  and services highly enough:

Tammy Young

Tammy Young, Real Estate Agent

One of the smartest and hardest working real estate agents in the Indiana market, Real Estate Agent, Tammy Young, always seems to go beyond is satisfying her clients.  Whether it is scheduling a last minute showing to staying up late working on a client’s real estate deal, Real Estate Agent, Tammy Young, is always working her client’s deals when they need the deal done.  Her experience includes negotiating a great real estate purchase agreement on behalf of both her Buyer and Seller clients.  She understands the inner workings of the short sale process when a client owes more on real estate than the real estate is worth.  Real Estate Agent, Tammy Young, justifies her real estate offers, her real estate counteroffers and her advice with well researched and thoughtful market research.  Honest advice focused upon helping clients understand the real estate process governs Tammy Young’s representation. If you need a real estate agent because you are seeking to buy your new home and/or sell your current home, Real Estate Agent, Tammy Young, really should be the first call you make in order to get the best honest real estate deal and contract.  Tammy Young can be contacted at, 317-538-5549 or at

Erin Bass

Erin Bass, Mortgage Broker, Fairway Mortgage

If finding the right house seems hard, finding the right mortgage provider is easy with Mortgage Broker, Erin Bass. Mortgage Broker, Erin Bass, works with a team that has over twenty years experience closing thousands of mortgage loans.  Offering a variety of loan options, Mortgage Broker, Erin Bass, sees to it that when you have the right home chosen that you get prequalified to make your real estate purchase offer, she works with you to get your documents in order, works for you to get your loan approved and funded and smiles with you when your mortgage closes on the home you have chosen. New real estate purchases and real estate refinances round out her product offerings with speed, integrity and joy in getting you the mortgage loan with the great rates, terms and costs meeting your goals.  Mortgage Broker, Erin Bass, is who to call to complete your mortgage search and get the best possible service with the best possible mortgage loan for you.  Erin Bass can be contacted at, 317-588-1233 or at

Ben Bierce

Ben Bierce, Digital Forensics, Bierce Associates, LLC

Cell phones and computers carry so much information and this information can make an attorney’s case stronger or weaker. Analyzing our devices, Digital Forensic Analyst, Ben Bierce, can use information from our devices, and the devices these connect, to provide location data, time data, call analysis and more. Quick to respond, quick to analyze and honest complete thorough findings and reports, Digital Forensic Analyst, Ben Bierce, is an expert that both sides of litigation, judges and juries can trust.  Digital Forensic Analyst, Ben Bierce, is who to call to know what those devices know and show.  Ben Bierce can be contacted at, 317-527-1446 or at

Lisa Fuchs

Lisa Fuchs, Florist and Gifts, Raindrops and Roses

Few things like flowers, balloons and other gifts can do more to brighten a day or event.  Florist and Gift Planner, Lisa Fuchs, is the best at providing beautiful arrangements, gifts appropriate for any occasion, planning decorations for an event or simply knowing what is the right touch to bring joy to another’s life.  Flowers, real and silk, arrangements, balloons, gifts and more await at her physical shop or on-line store.  Florist and Gift Planner, Lisa Fuchs, is the one to call to decorate for your event or simply sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the love of your life.  Lisa Fuchs can be contacted at , 317-398-2577 or at

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