Sharing The Road With Semi-Trucks In Indiana

semi truck accident

Why Semi-Trucks are Dangerous 

Why hire a truck injury lawyer in Indianapolis when in an accident with a semi-truck? With the high speeds and large sizes of the semi trucks, there is an increase of drivers on the road end up being seriously injured or killed in a semi-truck accident
Semi-trucks can also carry cargo. If the cargo dislodges from the trailer and ends up in the road, then an accident can result.

Fractures, traumatic brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, paralysis and lifelong disability can result if a person gets into a semi-truck accident. That is why people often hire an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer so that they can get compensated. 

How to Drive Safely Around Semi-Trucks 

Avoid the Blind Spots 

Many people end up getting into accidents with semi-trucks because the truck driver cannot see them. That it is important to avoid the blind spots. If you are unable to see the truck’s mirror, then it is likely the driver cannot see you. 

Give the Truck Extra Space 

You should maintain a safe distance when you are driving behind or in front of a semi-truck. Semi-trucks need more space to make an emergency stop. If you are too close to the semi-truck, then you may want to choose another lane. 

Be Careful When Passing 

You should never pass when there is a double yellow line. If you need to pass, then you should always pass on the left. 

Contact Wischmeyer Law 

You should contact an Indianapolis truck injury lawyer if you have been hurt in a semi-truck accident. An attorney can negotiate with the insurance company so that you will be able to get a fair settlement. They will help you get compensated for property damage, lost wages, current medical expenses and future medical expenses.

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