Why did my Paycheck go down?

     Even in our office, the question has been raised of “why did my paycheck go down this month”.  The reason is political and I certainly would not even try to explain the political wrangling that occurred, but the short answer is that the law that permitted employers to reduce FICA withholding from employee’s paychecks ...

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What Happens To My Tax Refund in Bankruptcy?

At the beginning of the year, clients always ask bankruptcy attorneys what will happen to their tax refund in .  The answer is “it depends”. There are a number of factors to be considered about a tax refund in bankruptcy.  A tax refund if it is still owed to you at the time of filing is consider...

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Bankruptcy Counseling: Why is it essential for the petitioners?

Are you skeptical whether you can complete the bankruptcy counseling session? If so, then you can get detailed information on bankruptcy counseling from this article. However, the bankruptcy law compels the consumers to get financial education course before they  and discharge their debts. Generally, a pre counseling session helps ...

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What is an Indiana short sale for real estate?

Economic times in the United States are as hard as citizens have experienced in decades leaving homeowners to consider an Indiana short sale to sell their home.  While the stock market rises, home values continue to decline and, contrary to the belief of many, home sales remain stagnant.  As many Indiana realtors will tell their se...

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How much does it cost to file bankruptcy

How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy? What are Normal Fees for an Attorney? When it is apparent that you need to file bankruptcy, the first question I am asked is how much does it cost to file bankruptcy.  When money is tight, this is a reasonable question; however, seeking the "cheapest" bankruptcy attorney is a mistak...

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Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

There are a number of questions and concerns that clients must consider when thinking bankruptcy vs. debt settlement.  As an Indiana bankruptcy attorney, Jason Wischmeyer, has addressed these questions many of times and has helped clients with both bankruptcy and debt settlement based on their situation.  Bankruptcy vs. debt settle...

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Back to Basics: What Can Bankruptcy Do For You? Jun26

Back to Basics: What Can Bankruptcy Do For You?

Bankruptcy Can: Stop Harassing Collection Calls Stop Foreclosure Save Your Home Stop Repossessions of Vehicles Save Your Car Stop Garnishments Stop Lawsuits Eliminate Debts Like Credit Cards, Medical Bills and Other Money Owed Eliminate Some Taxes Call...

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