Death is not a fun topic.  Becoming disabled or incompetent to make your own decisions is not a fun topic.  Unfortunately, death is inevitable and disability and/or incompetency become more common as people age.  Clients call Wischmeyer Law Office when it is time to discuss these difficult topics and make sure that their affairs are in order the way THEY WANT THEM.

Estate Plans do not have to be complicated.  Typically, an Estate Plan consists of four important documents.  I recommend that client’s have a Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Representative Power of Attorney drawn up even when death, disability or incompetency seem so far away because life is uncertain and full of surprises.  In the digital world, clients also need to be able to tell their loved ones what digital/electronic properties they have and how to access these things, such as Facebook, so that there is authority to use, sell or close these properties.

I understand that these are hard topics to discuss.  There are worries in what to do, what is best for your family, how to make sure what you have is given to who you want and what limitations are needed to make sure that a loved one inherits your property but is protected from themselves.

Call Wischmeyer Law Office to discuss your estate plan and find out how easy the process can be with an experienced Attorney that knows the questions to ask that provides you with solutions that leave you in control of what happens to you and your things.


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