Work Zone Car Accidents: Who is Liable?

workzone accident

Liability in work zone car accidents works just like any other accident. The party who caused the accident is responsible for reimbursing the other parties. Wischmeyer Law explains how this process is different in work zone accidents. 

What types of accidents can happen in a work zone? 

There are three main types of work zone accidents. The first is a regular accident that just happened to happen in a work zone. The second is an accident caused by work zone debris or poor work zone signage. The third is a driver crashing into construction workers or equipment. 

If an auto accident happens in a construction zone, how do they determine who is at fault? 

After a construction zone accident, an Indianapolis personal injury attorney is going to look for who caused the accident. That is, who was following the laws and rules of the road and who wasn’t. 

Is it the driver’s fault, the construction workers, or the state? 

An Indianapolis car accident attorney might try to recover from the other driver, the construction workers, or the government agency responsible for that section of the road. This will depend on whether the accident was caused by poor driving, the workers mishandling equipment, or the government not posting appropriate warning signs. If a combination of factors contributed to the accident, it may be possible to sue multiple people, companies, or agencies. 

Why is it important to contact an attorney for these types of accidents? 

Establishing fault in a simple two-car collision is hard enough, and construction zone accidents have many more variables. This includes both who caused the accident and whether construction workers are personally liable versus whether their company or the government is liable. To learn more, contact the most experienced personal injury law firm Greenwood Indiana has to offer.

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